The Devote Campaign is rooted in the conviction that the LGBT community will acquire equal rights if we stand together and share our true stories of love, courage, and triumph.

Initially, we set out to collect stories from people from all walks of life about why they stand for marriage equality. As we progressed, it became apparent that our subjects’ reasons for supporting marriage rights stemmed from the urgency to bring attention to issues such as disproportionate rates of teen suicide, babies wallowing in the foster care system rather than being placed in loving homes, soldiers being denied the right to fight for their country, and children being cast onto the streets by homophobic parents, to name but a few.

Statistics show that those who personally know an LGBT person are far more likely to believe that we deserve equal rights. By filming real people sharing their experiences of struggle and sacrifice and making these segments accessible wherever there is Internet access, we are providing the most stubborn minds with the tools to change. For those who feel threatened and isolated because of who you are, we dedicate this project to you. Acceptance is real and growing every day.

All Devote Campaign interviews will be kept online as a living history project, a time capsule. By documenting You, and your role and connection to the GLBT community during this time in history, we are actively creating an archive of this paramount civil rights movement.

If you or someone you know would like to share an inspiring story as part of this ongoing collection of video vignettes, please contact us!


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