(Yohandel/U.S./Cuba — Daniel/Mexico) — Miami, FL: Ever since they first locked eyes across a South Beach dance floor, Yohandel and Daniel knew they were meant to be together. Following their wedding in early 2012, Daniel overstayed his visa to remain in the U.S. with his husband, knowing the risks and sacrifices it entailed. Yohandel, a Cuban immigrant, contrasts the breach of civil rights inherent in the Defense of Marriage Act with the free U.S. his father told him about before moving to this country.

*This video is part of a collaborative series entitled ‘Binational Couples Share Their Stories for Change,’ produced by Lavi Soloway and Brynn Gelbard for The DOMA Project and The DeVote Campaign.

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Produced by: Lavi Soloway & Brynn Gelbard
Shot and directed by: Brynn Gelbard
Edited by: Steven Farr
Music: Kevin MacLeod (incomptech.com)
D&Y’s wedding photography: Joanna Chau

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